Getting Business Coaching Clients

by LaTisha Styles  - December 18, 2023

Company Overview

The client, Kayla Sloan, runs a training program for Virtual Assistants. The program sells via a landing page with two purchase options: self-paced course only, and course plus coaching.


Kayla chose to seek my help because although she had hired a designer to create a new funnel, her course was still not selling consistently. 


With this project, the goal was to increase sales for the evergreen course and sell more of the higher priced coaching package.

Crafting the Approach

Identifying The Problem

Kayla experienced a common problem for digital course providers. Because the course was always open for purchasing all the time, buyers felt no sense of urgency. This means they often delay the decision and sometimes never return to purchase. The second problem is that the shopping cart was hosted inside of Teachable which made it difficult to close off special pricing with a deadline.

Developing The Strategy

First we updated the copy on her sales page rewriting the ending flow so it spoke to her ideal client. Then we tackled the lack of urgency. We cloned the Teachable checkout pages to create two price variations for urgency buyers versus post-urgency buyers. Finally, we installed Deadline Funnel to create a custom deadline for each visitor and set up email automations to nurture buyers during their custom deadline.

Measuring the Results

After these changes, 10K VA sales picked up, with one sale every day for 3 straight weeks. Kayla then doubled the price and even at the new higher price, continued to make consistent sales of the evergreen course and coaching package option.

LaTisha Styles

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